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Music schools

Music schools

If you are interested in gaining a musical qualifation such as a dimploma, certificate, degree or masters degree in music or simply looking to learn to play an instrument, then look no further than this page for details on a music school or music academy in your area. Music Schools provide a conducive space for musical learning to take place. Music schools, music academies and music colleges in Ireland have been synonymous with the highest levels of musical education. Music academies and music colleges are tertiary level institutions and they may either be independent or part of a University Many of the music schools in Ireland cater for all ages. Most music schools originated as vocational training centers for would-be professional musicians, often outside the main academic structure. These institutions have retained an emphasis on performance into the 21st century, while also adopting a more formal academic approach. On the other hand there are university music departments, which originally placed more emphasis on academic study of music, but often place greater emphasis on performance now than they did in the past. Music4you.ie lists all types of music academy and music schools at all levels, anything from classical to rock.  Attending a music school or music academy serves as preparation for a variety of careers in the industry, from composers and conductors to music teachers and performers. Ireland’s vast history of traditional Celtic, standard classical and contemporary music styles serve as catalysts for students pursuing music. Musicians have a variety of music schools and music acadamies to choose from in Ireland.

We are developing a comprehensive date base of all forms of music teacher and Music lesson providers for people who would like to get music lessons and learn music in Ireland please follow the link.

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My Story Music4you.ie is run by a Musician and Music Therapist Jack O’Leary, originally from Cork and now living in Co Tipperary. The Idea The idea for music4you.ie came about a year ago when I wanted to buy a second hand guitar and spent a number of months searching for it on various Irish we...
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